Atlantic Halibut

Origin : From Virgina to the Arctic Circle  Season: May to October  Size: up to 2.5M and 300 kg  Latin name: Hippoglossus hippoglossus Description: This white-fleshed fish with a very fine…

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Madras Shrimp

Provenance : IndiaSize : 8/12 à 51/60        Packaging : IQF 454 g ou 908 gDescription : The shrimp is a crustacean of which there are thousands of species, farmed…

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Delicious raw fresh oysters in wood packing crate with shucker and seaweed.


Origin : Canadian East coast Weight : Variable Packaging : Various formats available Latin name : Crassostera Virginica Description:  Contrary to popular belief, the oyster season is not just limited to…

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